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      1. How much does a conservatory cost?

       Conservatory cost depends on a number of factors. This includes:

       -          Size – the larger the size of conservatory, the lower the price per 1m²

       -         Colour – standard colours are white RAL 9019 and brown RAL 8019

                 (other colours – the average surcharge 5 – 10 %)

       -         type of profiles:

       a.       Warm profiles with thermal insulation – all year round conservatories

       b.       Cold profiles without thermal insulation – seasonal conservatories 

                 (the price is around 8-10% lower than the price of warm profiles)


       -        Type of roofing  - conservatory roof can be made of

       a.      Glass

       b.      Polycarbonate 20 mm, 25 mm or 32 mm thick

                (conservatory with polycarbonate roofing is around 5 – 10%

                cheaper than conservatory with glass roofing)


       -       Type and complexity of conservatory roof construction

       a.     Pent roof

       b.     Roof with more than one plane – more complex is around 5 -15%

               more expensive

       -       Type and amount of windows and doors – the following windows and door

               can be used in conservatory

       a.     Traditional windows and doors  - (side hung window, tilt and turn window)

       b.     Sliding windows and door : patio door and patio windows (for conservatories)


       -        Type and amount of ventilation used

       a.      Special vents  in side walls’ glass units

       b.      Special roof windows – electrically operated

       c.      Traditional ventilation through windows and door


       - Place where conservatory is going to be installed

       a.   whether the conservatory will be installed on a ground level

             or higher floor of the building.


       2. How is conservatory price calculated?

       The price is based on individual calculations.

       All the factors listed above are taken into consideration.

       (see question 1)


      3. What is turnaround time for orders?

      Turnaround time may vary

       a. from 4 to 6 weeks (for orders with standard colour scheme)

       b. from 5 to 8 weeks (for other colours)


       4. How long does it take to install medium – sized conservatory?

       - the installation time is counted from the moment the construction

         is delivered to client

        and takes  around 3 to 6 working days.


       5. What are the different  types on conservatories depending on the size?

       a. up to 12m² - small conservatory

       b. 13 to 25m² - medium-sized conservatory (standard, the post popular)

       c. 26 to 50m² - big conservatory

       d. above 50m² - very big conservatory


       6. How long does it take before receiving an offer, valuation?

      The waiting time for valuation – an offer depends on construction type

      (standard, simple or more complex construction requiring

      additional calculations)

       a.      Standard – 2 to 5 working days.

       b.      Complex – individual calculation – 3 to 10 working days.


       7. Do I have to pay for valuation and how much?

        Valuation of conservatory or terrace enclosure

        (preliminary drawings) is free.


        8.  What is necessary from the client to receive an estimated price?

        To receive an offer, estimated price the client has to provide

         us with the following information:

        a.       Conservatory size: width, length, height (at the lowest point –

                  where the gutter is,

                  and at the highest point – where the ridge is)

        b.       Type of profiles – whether “warm” or “cold” profiles should be used.

        c.       The purpose of conservatory – as living space, for recreation, 

                  for work etc.

        d.       Colour scheme of conservatory – standard or a different colour

                  from RAL palette.

        e.       Roofing type – glass or polycarbonate.

        f.        Windows and door type and amount – standard or sliding.

        g.       The place where conservatory is going to be installed – ground level

                   or higher floor of the building.

        h.       The place where conservatory is going to be installed – address

                  (it is required to calculate the cost of the transport and to establish

                  the snow load -

                  – how much snow on 1m² of the roof)

        i.         Digital photos – close and from perspective to show the whole building.

                   It is important when designing architectural concept.

        j.        When the client wants the conservatory to be installed.


        9. In what form and on which address can I send data

           and information for valuation.

        All the information can be send via fax or via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

        Photos should be send via email.


        10. In what form can I receive an offer?

        - You can receive an offer in electronic form (pdf format) on email address

          provided by the client -  printed version – send by post on the address

          provided by the client.

        - via fax – on provided fax number (without colour visualization)


11. What happens next after receiving preliminary offer?

- Preliminary offer and drawings cannot be used when signing a contract.

Additional, detailed measurements from nature need to be taken on site by

Ellegance technical advisor.

- during technical advisor’s visit on site, apart from measurements and photos,

additional arrangements are made:

a. technical data of construction

b. equipment, furnishing of conservatory

c. turnaround time

d. negotiation of final price and terms of payment

e. installation terms

f. other important matters

- after final measurements are taken and after agreeing on the price, an order

and final attachments

(drawings and order specification) are signed.

- once the installment (in agreed amount and time) is paid, order proceeding starts.


12. What are  standard terms of payment?

         a.      First installment – 50% of order  gross, within the agreed in

                  contract number of days.

         b.      Second installment – 40% of order gross, on the day

                  the construction is delivered to site.

         c.      Third installment – 10% of order gross, paid on

                  the last day of installation.


13. What are  standard payment forms?

Forms  of payments are standard but can also be individual.

        a.      First installment – bank transfer to account shown on invoice

                 (or cash when order is signed)

        b.      Second installment – bank transfer before dispatch of construction

                 (or cash on the day of construction delivery)

        c.       Third installment – cash or transfer on the last day of installation.


14. How much does a technical advisor visit cost?

- Advisor visit is free – once the client confirms that the price and all terms are

similar to their expectations and after negotiations an order will be signed. 

- Fuel costs – potential client will have to pay fuel costs in case he/ she will be unable

to decide if or when the conservatory will be installed.

- In case the client decide to proceed with the order, paid fuel costs will be returned, 

it will be deducted from the price.

a. the fuel cost is calculated based on the average fuel consumption of a car per 100km.


15. Can I receive materials, brochures  about Ellegance offer on conservatories,

terrace and pool enclosures?

Yes, of course. Please provide your details and email address

on which catalogue(in electronic form)  will be send. 


16. What materials is conservatory made of?

Every conservatory is made of the best available in Europe materials.

     -          Aluminium profiles (German, Belgian, French)

     a.       Powder –coated – any colour from RAL palette

     b.       It is possible to make profiles in two different colours inside and outside

               (surcharge – additional 10 – 15% to basic price).

     c.       Wooden structure profiles (surcharge – additional 20-30% to basic price).


     -         Glass for sidewalls

     a.       Thermofloat glass K = 1,1 to 1,0 + argon gas

     b.       For additional charge you can have anti burglary glass, stained glass

               so called antisol in green, blue, graphite or brown colour.

     c.       Increased thermal insulation glass – reflective glass

     d.      Tempered glass


      -          Roof glass

       a.       Special glass units (safe laminated glass + tempered glass + argon gas

       b.       It is possible to use increased thermal insulation glass – reflective glass

       c.       Antisol glass – the same coloures as in sidewalls

                (green, blue, graphite, brown)


        -          Locks, handles, accessories

         a.       Everything is original, functional and esthetic

         b.       All components are part of one system

         c.       Handles for side hung windows and doors – traditional, optional –

                   anti burglary locks.

         d.      Handles for sliding windows and door – system solutions –

                  very durable and functional.

                  On request – technical advisor will tell about all possible

                  solutions in more detail.

         e.      Additional accessories include: door buffers, door closers,

                  windowsills and

                  flashings – the same colour as construction.


18. Natural ventilation in conservatories.

- Due to specific microclimate conditions in conservatory, it is essential to use

basic ventilation for air exchange.

a. special vents installed in glass units (at the top and at the bottom of glass units)

b. ventilation trough opened side hung and tilt and turn windows.

c. special electrically opened windows.


19. Air conditioning in conservatories.

- To improve climatic conditions in conservatory, especially during the summer,

special air conditioners  with cooling and heating  functions are used.

- Depending on size and purpose of conservatory different types of air

  conditioners are used.

a. on request we can provide client with the list of cooperating,

recommended companies specializing in air conditioners.

b. In order to minimize purchase and installation costs of air conditioners ,

as well as servicing costs, Ellegance use air conditioners  from companies

based as close as client’s property as possible.


20. Conservatory heating.

- There are a few possible ways of heating conservatory depending on its purpose

and funds allocated for heating conservatory.

a. Traditional heating with radiators.

b. Floor heating – more and more popular ( it is very effective and relatively cheap)

c. heating with fireplace – apart from heating function, fireplace creates very pleasant

atmosphere especially during winter  evenings.

d. Use of special infrared heaters (very efficient, esthetic and economical). 

We will show an offer on request.

e. Heating with air conditioner with heating function.




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