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Ellegance Sp. z o.o.
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Ellegance Sp. z o.o.



Ellegance has been specializing in aluminum constructions for 15 years and has had a big experience in winter gardens designing, producing, and installation since 2003. We belong to the leading group on the Polish market. 

Ellegance uses a unique software for winter garden designing, visualization, and pricing; we are highly competent. This ensures our Customers that their orders are safe. We offer typical and verified construction and architecture solutions, which can be easily composed with different building forms. This makes our gardens relatively cheap among those available on the market.


In our climate, only five months, from May until September, allow us to use open terraces and swimming pools. Remaining months are cool and often rainy. For normal functioning, human system needs a lot of sunlight and touch of nature. Winter garden gives us such a possibility even from October until April. It is also an additional usage area in a hotel, restaurant, or a leisure centre.

Winter garden creates an excellent atmosphere for consumption and leisure. The richness of our offer, depending on the type of construction, compose well in almost all buildings and their function. By enclosing the restaurant or hotel terrace with a winter garden, we gain an additional attractive area, which will earn all year. In gastronomy, we use both special systems of sliding sidewalls and roofs and the system of ventilation and sunproof baffles. For the summertime, we offer easy and quick in dismantling sidewalls.



Nasze atuty

  • finansowane nawet na  80 000 ,
  • okres spłaty nawet na 96 miesięcy.
  • bez poręczycieli,
  • bez zabezpieczeń hipotecznych,
  • bez wizyty w banku.
  • z niskim oprocentowaniem.

Story of a winter garden

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